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Welcome to Taksha Institute!

Originally founded  in 1976 as the Institute for Atmospheric Optic and Remote Sensing (IFAORS), TakshaShila Institute (also referred to as "Taksha Institute," "Taksha," or "TI") remains a dynamic, not-for-profit, independent minority institution of advanced research and learning, with the addition of non-technical subject matter since its inception. As a non-degree giving, non-diploma awarding institution, TI is engaged in cutting-edge research projects and learning opportunities in the form of workshops, seminars, and other events, for all ages (from kindergarten to life-long learning), for personal or professional growth and enhancement.

Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia (US), Taksha has its headquarters in Hampton, VA, with a West Coast/Silicon Valley office at NASA Ames Research Park (NRP), CA. From its inception, TI has been supported entirely by R&D and meetings management contracts with the federal government, industry, and UN organizations; the collection of registration fees for events; and donations from industry and private parties.

We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational institution.  Your charitable contribution to Taksha Institute is tax deductible, and any registration fees, sales, or other income go to the support of our education and research programs and projects. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to Taksha to help support our unique programs, and click here or on the blue "Make a Donation" button above, on this page!

Registration is Easy! Admission is open, test-free, and regardless of education, gender, age, race, or religion. To sign up for our events, simply click on the appropriate button to the left or on the "Events" tab on the banner above, then locate and click on the event of your choice. There, you will find pertinent information for that event, including dates, venue, fees, and agenda, along with a registration link or other registration instructions.

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Click on a tab or button on this page for more information, or contact us at contact@taksha.org or 757-766-7990.