Not-for-Profit Organization

Since 1976, TI has operated as an independent, not-for-profit organization that has tax-exempt status, under IRS Code 501(c)3. In addition, it is a minority-owned research and learning organization.

The Board of Trustees (BOT) and Officers of TI, and Board of Advisors (BOA) diligently oversee to ensure the ethical, cost-effective management and financial viability of Taksha Institute (TI). The names of Trustees, Officers and Advisors are listed as follows.

Board of Trustees

Adarsh Deepak, PhD
Chairman, Taksha Institute (TI),
Hampton, VA

Dilip Sarkar, MD, FACS, CAP
Chair, Taksha Center for Integrative Medicine and Yoga (CIMY)
Board Member, International Association of Yoga
Therapists (IAYT) and National Ayurvedic Medical
Association (NAMA)

Chand Deepak, MS/MBA
Executive Vice-President, & Chief Operating Officer (COO), Science and Technology Corp. (STC), Hampton, VA

Ravi Deepak, BS
Manager, TI West Coast, Silicon Valley, CA


Adarsh Deepak, Ph D
President and Treasurer

Chand Deepak, MS/MBA

Rink Wood, CPA/MBA
Assistant Secretary

Board of Advisors (BOA)

(To be announced)