Sherry E. Bell, PhD

Dr. Sherry Bell, an Advisor for the Taksha Institute of Space Health and Aging (TISHA), is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and Dean of Psychology at Kepler Space Institute. She received her Master of Science degree (2002) and her PhD (2005) from Capella University. She is an active member of the National Space Society, and plays several other roles in space-related organizations.

Dr. Bell has written numerous articles and chapters, edited a book entitled Living in Space, and frequently presents at space conferences. She is an avid researcher, and has been awarded two research grants. She is a lifetime member of both the Golden Key National Honor Society and Psi Chi (the National Honor Society of Psychology).

Her current interests include consulting, evolutionary psychology, extrasolar planets, genetics, humans living in space, and reading and writing both science and science fiction.