Ravinder Bhan

Mr. Ravinder Bhan, Chair of the Taksha Institute of Entrepreneurship (TIE), is the Executive Director and Principal Consultant at The Powerful Solutions (TPS), a regional advisory with global expertise. TPS initiatives include advisory consulting, training, and hosting/leading international conferences in subjects of current importance.

A first class graduate in Electrical Engineering, Bhan worked at senior management positions driving growth and real business results year after year at some of the best known businesses from India, Europe and Middle East. Extensively experienced in Strategic Marketing, Change Management, Human Capital, Finance, Supply Chain, Project Management and Manufacturing processes, he helps organizations and individuals, to achieve the next level of their potential capability – through enhanced performance of intrinsic and external resources; technology and market opportunities. Based on his long experience of challenges faced by businesses and the role technology can play to meet the same, Bhan made “Global Expertise – Regional Issues” his mission to give back to the society by sourcing the very best knowledge from anywhere in the world and creating regional platforms to share the same for addressing local issues.

A top level professional networker and international experienced business manager, Bhan is personally connected to over 10,000 professionals across the world and is a regular contributor at LinkedIn and other social media. He is a keynote speaker, thought leader, and panelist at several national and international conferences on Entrepreneurship, Energy Sector, Marketing and Human Resources. As a Member of the Board at the Indian SME Forum, which convenes over 40,000 SMBs every year, Bhan motivates over 2000 entrepreneurs, students, and managers in every aspect of business management.