Anita Goel, MD, PhD

Dr. Anita Goel MD, PhD is a world-renowned expert and pioneer in the emerging field of Nanobiophysics – a new science at the convergence of physics, nanotechnology, and biomedicine. Whereas modern physics in the 20th century was developed primarily in the context of closed systems, Dr. Goel seeks to expand conventional theoretical and experimental physics frameworks and their mathematical machinery to describe non-equilibrium, open systems such as life and living systems that are strongly coupled with their environment. She has developed a new theoretical physics framework that elucidates the interplay of matter, energy, and information at a very fundamental physics level. Dr. Goel harnesses these insights to examine one of the most basic processes of living matter, the way nanomotors read and write information into DNA, how this process is influenced by the environment, and how quantum mechanics might play a “nontrivial” role in their dynamics. Dr Goel was named by MIT’s Technology Review Magazine as one of the world’s “Top 35 Science and Technology Innovators.” Her pioneering contributions to nanotechnology and nanobiophysics have been recognized globally by prestigious honors and awards including multiple awards from US Government agencies such as DARPA, DOD, DOE, AFOSR, NSF and HHS. Dr. Goel holds a PhD and MA in Physics from Harvard University, an MD from the Harvard-MIT Joint Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST) at Harvard Medical School and a BS in Physics with Honors & Distinction from Stanford University. She has published several scholarly articles in leading scientific journals such as Nature Nanotechnology, Scientific American-India and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and contributed innovative book chapters such as in the pioneering work on Quantum Aspects of Life, with over 35 patents worldwide to her name.

As Chairman and CEO of Nanobiosym® and Nanobiosym® Diagnostics, Dr. Goel has harnessed these fundamental insights to invent, incubate, and start commercializing next-generation nanotechnology platforms like Gene-RADAR® for Mobile and Personalized Health, energy harvesting and quantum computing with molecular nanomachines that read and write information in DNA. Nanobiosym (NBS) today operates as an Advanced Research Institute and hi-tech incubator at the nexus of physics, biomedicine and nanotechnology to deliver new fundamental science insights and inventions that address the world’s most pressing problems in healthcare, energy and the environment.

Dr. Goel has been featured as a frequent keynote speaker and distinguished faculty lecturer at leading universities and institutions including Harvard, MIT, the Health Sciences and Technology (HST) Division of Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, MIT Sloan School of Business, Zurich ETH, National University of Singapore, Princeton, Santa Fe Institute, AAAS, DARPA Advanced Workshops, National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to name a few. In April, 2008 she was invited by Senator John Kerry to give expert testimony before the US Senate in support of the $1.5 Billion dollar US National Nanotechnology Initiative. She has repeatedly keynoted several international symposia such as the STS Forum for the Future of Science and Technology in Society, where she addressed Nobel Laureates, leaders from the Fortune 500, and government ministers from around the world. She also chaired the roundtable on “Using Science and Technology as a Tool for International Diplomacy” in Kyoto, Japan. She has also inspired thousands of young people with her dynamic inspirational talks, including TEDMED, TEDx Amsterdam and TedInk in India.

Dr. Goel has advised President Obama’s Strategy for American Innovation for the President Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) to help build the roadmap for harnessing nanotechnology to stimulate the US economy. In June 2011, Dr. Goel and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair delivered a joint keynote address on Tackling Global Challenges at the Annual Novartis Forum in Madrid. She was invited by Dr. Charles Vest to serve on the Committee on Manufacturing, Design, and Innovation of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) to look at the future of manufacturing in the US. Dr. Goel also serves on the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) research council to advise their President on the development of advanced research roadmaps for Canada. Dr. Goel is a Fellow of the World Technology Network, a Fellow-at-Large of the Santa Fe Institute, an Adjunct Professor at the Beyond Institute for Fundamental Concepts in Physics, and an Associate of the Harvard Physics Department. Dr. Goel is a founding member of the Global Council for Center of Healthcare Innovation (CHI), a Board Member of the US National Board of Museums of Science and Industry, has served on the Board of Overseers of the Boston Museum of Science, the Board of Trustees & Scientific Advisory Board of India-Nano, and as a Member of the NIH Review Panel for NANO. She also serves on the Nanotechnology Advisory Board of Lockheed Martin Corporation.