Narayanan Menon Komerath, PhD

Dr. Komerath, Chair of the Taksha Center for Smart Village Initiative and of the Taksha Kalpana Chawla Education Center (TKCEC), holds a B.Tech (Aeronautics) Indian Institute of Technology Madras, and an MSAE and PhD in AE from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. He is currently a Professor at the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech and has directed the John J. Harper Wind Tunnel since 1990. He has been a part of the Center of Excellence in Rotary Wing Aircraft Technology since 1982, research on vortex-dominated flows associated with rotary wings and high angle of attack aerodynamics. He is a Fellow of the NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts, Sam Nunn Senior Security Fellow, and 2004 Boeing Welliver Fellow. He has won the Outstanding PhD Advisor award at GIT, guiding 19 PhDs of whom four have won Georgia Tech’s Sigma Xi PhD Thesis awards (top 1%), and five placed in the top 10%. Awarded the GIT Outstanding Leadership Award for student guidance, he has guided over 70 MS students and over 250 undergraduate research projects. He has three US Patents, and published over 430 papers and books, over 200 peer-reviewed.Komerath’s work in experimental aerodynamics has led to explanations of rotor-airframe interaction, tip vortex structure, vortex/separated flow interaction, vortex-airframe collisions, wake evolution, vortex origin, large-area velocimetry, download, large-amplitude flapping, unsteady ground effect, and reversed-flow rotor aerodynamics. Current work focuses on bluff-body aeromechanics, low-Reynolds Number and high-altitude aerodynamics, and whole-field flow quantification. His work on Acoustic and Electromagnetic Shaping led to Phase 1 and Phase 2 NIAC awards and one PhD thesis. He won the 2015-16 AIAA/ASEE John Leland Atwood Awards for excellence in aerospace engineering education. He has served as a founding panel member of the Eighth Continent Chamber of Commerce project funded by NASA towards a Space Economy. He chairs SCV Inc, specializing in strategic concept development, and serves on the executive board of the Global Indian Business Council and the World Association for Vedic Studies. He was recognized with the `Bharat Gaurav’ (Pride of India) award by the Friends of India Society International in 2013.