Jack S. Margolis, PhD

Dr. Jack S. Margolis, an Advisor for Taksha’s Institute for Atmospheric Optics and Remote Sensing (IFAORS), received his AB and PhD in Physics from UCLA. He was a Visiting Professor of Earth Sciences at Washington University (St. Louis), and for the next 33 years (1966 – 1999), worked as Research Scientist in the Atmospheric Sciences Section, Earth and Space Sciences Division, at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). He received 10 NASA certificates of recognition for inventive contributions in electro-optic and opto-acoustic sensors, Doppler measurements of winds, laser spectrometry, etc., and has an extensive list of publications. He has taught courses in spectroscopy, atmospheric remote sensing, and instrument design at Caltech, and is currently writing a book dealing with the subject matter of this course.