Mandana Mirabrishami


An Advisor to the Institute of Yoga Therapy and Meditation (IYTM) within Taksha Institute’s Center for Integrative Medicine and Yoga (CIMY), Ms. Mirabrishami is a Nutritionist with a diverse and unique background in sciences, art, music, yoga, and dance. She has been practicing yoga for 17 years, and teaching yoga, dance, and science courses for 10 years.

With a core belief that nutrition is both a science and an art, her teaching emphasizes an integration of artistic practices to demonstrate how food and health can deliciously co-exist. She is also one of the four founding members of a cutting-edge health-conscious, globally inspired bistro, where she has been involved with concept development, nutrition analysis, recipe formulation, and menu development.

Her mission is to inspire others to develop self-empowerment through the arts and sciences. Ms. Mirabrishami holds a BS in Biology from the University of Toronto, Canada, and an MS in Nutrition from California State University, San Jose, as well as an MS in Technology Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara.