Robert J. Twiggs, Professor

Twiggs - photo cropped

Bob Twiggs, Advisor to the Taksha Institute for Science and Technology (TIST) and Chairman of the Taksha Small Satellite and Space Systems Institute (4SI) within TIST, is concurrently a professor of Astronautical Engineering at Morehead State University in Kentucky since 2009, responsible for developing the space systems curriculum for students interested in designing, building, and operating small space experiments. Prior to that, he was a consulting professor in the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department at Stanford University for 14 years. Prof. Twiggs helped develop the original concepts for the CricketSat, CanSat, CubeSat, and the PocketQub for educational applications for use in space — from party balloons for fun to real rocket launches into earth-orbiting space.

In August 2010, Space News publication selected him as one of 10 international space professionals that “Made a Difference in Space,” along with Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX) and US President Barack Obama, the only other two US professionals named for this honor.