CIMY Workshop

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

Date and Time July 7-11, 2017 – 9:00am-5:00pm EDT (with 2-hour lunch break)
Venue Tabb, VA
Advisor Kesavan “Kesi” Nair, PhD – Advisor, TI/CIMY
Director Ganapati Myneni, PhD – Advisor, TI/CIMY
Sponsor Taksha Center for Integrative Medicine and Yoga (CIMY)
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A seminar consisting of 30 hours of meeting time, this introductory level presentation is intended for those who wish to learn the basic principles of elaboration and interpretation of Vedic astrological charts for individuals. Dr. Nair will instruct on the use of his software (provided as part of the course) for analysis of the natal chart, which can help with self-knowledge and understanding of the challenges and occurrences of important events in one’s life.

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  • Origin of Vedic Astrology
  • Astrology and Karma, and the Natal Chart
  • What is a Natal Chart? Sidereal and Tropical Systems
  • How to Elaborate a Natal Chart and Vedic Astrology Software
  • Basic Rules for Interpretation of the Natal Chart
  • – Signs (Rasi) and Houses (Bhava) and attributes of the houses
    – Planets and their attributes
    – Lordship, Friendship, and aspects of the planets
    – Yogas or special combinations
    – Examples

  • System of Dasa and forecasting events during life
  • Divisional Charts for details on specific subjects
  • Use of Nakhsatras in the interpretation of the Natal Chart
  • Integrated Examples
  • Fee:

    1) Basic Workshop – $395.00 with free JATAKA software
    2) Post-workshop Study Group via Webex (optional) – Free
    3) Astrological Chart Readings (optional) – Event Registrants: $130; Non-registrants: $150

    Please write to with your interest in this event. 

    DISCLAIMER: Attendance at this event is for personal growth, and entails no promise of employment.