Astronauts, yoga practitioners, and aging adults all have something to teach us about the physiological effects of zero (or near-zero) gravity on the human body and ways to counteract them. Space travel, once considered esoteric and part of science fiction, is becoming a reality in our lifetime, with scientific and medical research turning to focus on such issues. For example, in the ultimate feat in “telemedicine,” closely monitoring health parameters in real-time and providing health care to Vyomanauts 200 km above the Earth’s surface will be a reality in India, in just another 40 months. See https://www.neurologyindia.com/article.asp?issn=0028-3886;year=2019;volume=67;issue=1;spage=37;epage=43;aulast=Ganapathy#.XI69hCjxB5g.email for an overview related to this endeavor, explaining what a “Space Doctor” needs to know with specific reference to the nervous system.

Taksha Institute of Space Health and Aging (TISHA) specializes in cross-cutting short courses, lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences that bring together experts in apparently disparate fields to find common links across the physiology and behavior of the broadest range of human conditions. We seek to apply this new perspective by identifying practical solutions to everyday issues such as the metabolic changes related to aging, or our modern technologically-rich, sedentary lifestyle. We aim to apply lessons from space, as well as to draw from yoga practice and therapy, to maintain health in space, aging, and modern-day stressful situations.

Yoga for Space Health

A major segment of TISHA’s focus relates to Yoga for Space Health. More specifically, TISHA emphasizes yoga therapy as a complementary approach to stress reduction and exercise countermeasure before, during, and in post-flight rehabilitation. The Institute’s publications and other events related to the topic can be seen at our Yoga for Space Health webpages: https://taksha.org/yoga-for-space-health/.

TISHA Chair (Honorary)

Joan Vernikos, PhD
TI Advisor and Distinguished Senior Scientist

TISHA Council of Advisors (CoA):

Stephane Blanc, PhD
Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien, Strasbourg FR

Thais Russomano, MD, PhD
Kings College, London UK

Dilip Sarkar, MD, FACS, CAP
Chair, TI/CIMY, Hampton, VA US

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