Nalanda Center for Peace Studies (NCPS)

The Peace Studies Program at NCPS, a unit of SPRS, will be offering interdisciplinary research studies and educational coursework spanning the arenas of International Studies, Social Policy, (Multi)-Cultural Studies, Philosophy of Peace, Alternative Conflict Resolution, and the Global Economy, in terms of the needs and rights of human populations, indigenous cultures, and the natural world. The curriculum, designed to find consilience between theoretical models and proven practical skills, will bridge the divide between the examination of legal and juridical impediments to peace and the societal and cultural roots of global and regional conflict. Areas of study will include the history and theories of national and international conflict; the economic, political, religious, socio-structural, and philosophical roots of violence; the material and psychological causes of warfare; contemporary, as well as historically successful interventional methods for the prevention of conflict and violence, and critical evaluations of the track record of national and international institutions and methodologies for the resolution of conflict. The program will encourage the development of critical analysis, self-reflection, and the study of effectiveness of meditative techniques, and other alternative methodologies of self and social transformation. The program will apply innovative pedagogy and multicultural hermeneutics in order to develop efficient, multidimensional approaches to local and global peace processes.

NCPS Chair:

Jeff Long, Ph. D.
Advisor, TI, and Professor, Elizabeth Town University

NCPS Council of Advisors (COA):