Taksha Space Explorium: Global Consortium (TSEGC)


Taksha Space Explorium: Global Consortium, a division within the Taksha Center for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Design, is a place for educators to share best practices for K-12 STEAM+D curriculum, resources, professional development and free online learning platforms. Its intent is to open wide the doors of educational programs for teachers so that the space explorers of tomorrow are well equipped.

Participating educators and organizations will participate in Quarterly Online Meetings, Global Partnerships, International Collaborations, Classroom Exchanges (for instance, an educator in South Africa trades places with an educator in Sweden and vice versa) and Open Source access to STEAM+D curriculum, especially as it relates to 21st century goals in outer space.

From the Moon to Mars, to Asteroids and AI, from Coding to Living Off-World, the Taksha Space Explorium: Global Consortium will do its best to connect and collaborate and make space accessible for all.

Taksha Space Explorium: Global Consortium exists to facilitate great space and aerospace content, experiences and connections to space industry experts for educators, teachers, parents and students around the globe.

To learn more how you and or your organization can become a participating member, please email janet@janetsplanet.com.


Janet Ivey

Council of Advisors (CoA)


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