Yoga for Space Health

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Yoga Therapy as a Complementary Approach to Stress Reduction and Exercise Countermeasure
Effectiveness Before, During Flight and in Post-flight Rehabilitation

Vernikos, J.; Sarkar, D.; and Deepak, A. (2010)
  • Abstract

    From the beginning of manned spaceflight, it was apparent that living in microgravity
    conditions causes specific physiological stress on the human body, requiring countermeasures
    to prevent these deleterious effects on the health of astronauts and protect their



  • Concept Study Paper

    Micro-gravity or zero-gravity (zero-G) environment causes premature ageing of the
    body, similar to what a sedentary lifestyle can do. In yoga terms, micro-gravity
    or zero-G environment can be considered as non-grounding environment, which is in
    contrast to Earth’s gravitational environment, considered as grounding environment.


  • Powerpoint Presentation