Anandi Ravinath

Ms. Anandi Ravinath, Advisor and Member of the Council of Advisors for Taksha’s Institute of Yoga Therapy and Meditation (IYTM), is a PG Biotechnology from IIT B and Author of “MIND your DNA – Fusion of Science and Meditation.” Since completion of her academics in Biotechnology from IIT B, she has worked for German Multinational pharmaceutical and Biotechnology company Boehringer Mannheim; Clinical Reference Lab – Specialty Ranbaxy Labs for several years handling Marketing & Technical support, Product Management & Brand Positioning, Market Research & Analytics and Key Accounts Management. She has also handled projects with Bayer India on Market Research and Analytics and with Finowel Enzymes in scaling up of Lab based production to industrial scale and in setting up a clean room production facility for Diagnostics and Therapeutic Biologicals. She has also been associated with Cancer Genomics Lab Counselling Cancer Patients at Cellcys Labs.

Her life took a significant turn with an epiphany of Meditation practice in 1998, and ever since, she has been a devotee. Anandi is based in Mumbai as a Meditation Counsellor now, having practiced Meditation for the last two decades. Her published book “MIND your DNA” is a monumental research work of a decade, wherein she has blended Science and Cosmic Meditation and the book is available for readers on Amazon.

To quote from the review of the book by Dr. Roeland Van Wijik, Director of International Institute of Biophotonics, Netherland, “It fascinates me the way you brought the two worlds together. It is my sincere hope that this book will be read widely and will find a broad audience throughout the world. May it be shared, discussed, and debated to ultimately inspire a new generation of scientists, clinicians, healers, and seekers of truth who will embrace paradox, mysteries of life, and the wonder of creation. All the best.”