M. Mala Cunningham, PhD

Dr. Cunningham, a speaker and event director for Taksha’s Center of Integrative Medicine and Yoga (CIMY) is a leading speaker, author, and educator in the field of Mind-Body Medicine and Health Psychology. She is the President of Positive Health Solutions and the Founder and Director of the renowned training program Cardiac Medical Yoga. Dr. Cunningham is also a Counseling Psychologist in private practice in Charlottesville, Va. and has been a business consultant for over 20 years. She has lectured extensively both nationally and internationally and is a widely recognized authority in health and business psychology, sleep enhancement, stress management, and medical yoga. She is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia School of Nursing where she teaches a course in Medical Yoga. Dr. Cunningham is certified in Auricular Acupuncture and is a certified yoga teacher from two traditions. She has taught and practiced in these areas for over 35 years.Dr. Cunningham is also the author of two innovative books: Medical Yoga: A Gentle and Modified Practice of Yoga for Assistance in Healing and Cardiac Yoga. She has also produced two popular CD’s entitled: Healing Journey and Before and After Surgery: Guided Imagery & Relaxation for Surgery Patients.

Dr. Cunningham has been prominently featured in print, radio, and TV as an expert in Mind Body Medicine, Corporate Wellness, Medical Yoga, and Health Psychology. Her knowledge base and her informative lectures make her a much sought after speaker for keynote presentations and workshops.