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The Taksha Center for Aerospace Engineering Design (CAED) focuses on the advancement of the science, technology and art of aerospace engineering and design. The development and manufacture of all new aircraft, spacecraft, launch vehicles and missiles systems depend upon excellent design, engineering and program management skills. The CAED fosters this excellence by providing educational events and learning opportunities, including lectures, seminars, workshops, and technology development and demonstration programs in the design and engineering of: aircraft, aerospace vehicles, aerodynamics, stability and control, propulsion systems, materials, sensors and avionics, flight control systems, airframe systems, electronic countermeasures and self-protection systems, human factors and life support, launch vehicles, airborne missiles, armament systems, manufacturing technology, program and product life-cycle management.

Combining an emphasis upon novel approaches to the mechanics of flight with a rigorous basis in both known fundamentals and traditional vehicle and systems design, the CAED’s areas of expertise rest with advancing the state of the art through education to result in tomorrow’s solutions. Merging program management with engineering design, the CAED approach to aerospace design education includes not only the mechanics of engineering design but also critical insights into design and development cycle management, process and quality improvement, cost control, affordability and entrepreneurship.

Key areas of focus include technologies and engineering approaches that reduce the cost of aircraft acquisition and ownership; next generation propulsion systems; hypersonics; aerothermodynamics; minimization of supersonic wave drag and sonic boom; supermanuverability; supercruise; VTOL, V/STOL and ESTOL; air taxi; next gen commercial aircraft crew and passenger accommodations; enhanced military aircraft survivability; mutable wings; variable geometry; tailorable airfoils; the “electric aircraft”; autonomy and cybercraft; bio-inspired configurations, propulsion and control; transformable aircraft; interplanetary and interstellar space transportation systems.

Working to inspire engineers of today and tomorrow, as an example of CAED works, the following photos exhibit what the CAED Chair Chris Beskar has designed and engineered, from initial concept to detailed engineering:

SM-150 2 Place Sportplane

SM-31 Javelin Supersonic Trainer
SM-27 Machete Close Air Support
SM-36 Stalma Multi-Role Fighter

SM-39 Razor Air Dominance Fighter

CAED Chair

Chris Beskar, CEO Stavatti Aerospace, Ltd.

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