CIMY Seminar Series

Sanskrit Language for Yoga: Introduction

Advisor Vinita Sharma, MA
Sponsor Center for Integrative Medicine and Yoga
Held Spring-Summer 2014 (Online)
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Workshop Description

This online workshop will be presented in two separate sessions, with meetings on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7:30 pm until 8:30 pm (EST).  The first session is a prerequisite for taking the second session.  Detailed information about how to access the class online will be provided upon registration.

After registering, you will receive emailed instructions for accessing the meetings.

Participation in this workshop requires computer access to the internet (preferably cable modem, and a computer with at least Windows XP capability).  There is the option to use your telephone for dialing in for audio access to the meeting and classes.  Otherwise, a microphone and speakers/headset will be necessary (unless built in to your computer).


Participants will develop limited competency in the Sanskrit language in each of the major communication areas: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.  This course focuses on teaching phrases necessary for fundamental understanding and daily communication in Sanskrit.

Skills that should be developed include:

  • Conversing in simple Sanskrit, using present, past and future tenses
  • Recalling and using vocabulary pertinent to everyday conversation
  • Pronouncing, reading, and writing all vowels, consonants, and consonant-vowel combinations in the Devanagari script correctly
  • Recognizing and writing selected conjunct characters
  • Reading and writing words and sentences with selected conjunct characters.

The following specifics will be covered, in two separate sessions:

Session 1

  1. Writing and reading Sanskrita (Devanagari script)
  2. Nouns
  3. Verbs
  4. Sentence construction
  5. Past, present and future tense

Session 2

  1. Imperative mood
  2. Introduction to Sandhi (compounding of vowels)
  3. Interrogative sentences
  4. Introduction to Sanskrita numerals
  5. Active and passive voices

Regular homework will be assigned.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, a Completion Certificate will be awarded to the participant.

Registration and Fee – TBA


DISCLAIMER: Attendance at this event is for personal growth, and entails no promise of employment.