Taksha Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security (TAICS) Center


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity are two central technologies of our information age. AI gives us the capacity to program machines so that they can do jobs that are tedious or repetitive either in the processing of information or in technologies where the human agent is replaced by the robot, whereas cybersecurity helps to guarantee that the transactions of the Internet are secure while maintaining privacy. AI and cybersecurity intersect in the attempts made by intruders to hack into systems and they must be used together in techniques to thwart such hacks.

In the general area of space science, both these technologies are essential in maintaining the confidence in the communications systems that are satellite based and also in the development of new constellation-based small satellite systems for communications and exploration.

TAICS aims to contribute to these goals in both research and continuing education.

TAICS Center Chair

Subhash Kak, PhD
Oklahoma State University

TAICS Center Council of Advisors (CoA)

Pramode Verma, PhD
University of Oklahoma

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