Taksha Institute Center for History and Archeaology (TICHA)


The Taksha Center for History and Archaeology (TICHA) aims to promote an understanding of past society and culture (or an authentic interpretation of culture) with the help of architecture, artifacts and literary sources. TICHA will organize workshops and educational programs in Archaeology and Religion, Artistic Traditions, Nature of Cultural Influences and other topics in South Asian History and its impacts from an interdisciplinary, cross cultural approach to history.


Nalini Rao, PhD

TICHA Council of Advisors (CoA)


TICHA Events

The City of Krishna’s Dvaraka: From Mythology to History
Presented by Sangam Talks (India): May 16 (US) and May 17 (India), 2020
Premiered on YouTube: August 19, 2020

International Conference on: “Growth and Development of Indian Culture: Historical and Literary Perspectives (Prehistoric Period – Twelfth Century CE.)”
Bengaluru, India: June 29 – July 1, 2018
Abstract: This international forum was hosted by the Dr. S. R. Rao Memorial Foundation for Indian Archaeology, Art and Culture, chaired by Dr. Rao, and was co-sponsored by: Taksha Institute Center for History and Archaeology (TICHA); the Dr. S. R. Rao Memorial Foundation; the IGNCA; the National Museum, New Delhi Archaeological Survey of India (ASI); and the ICHR. Activities during the event included archaeological tours to historical sites, a book and art exhibition, cultural programs, and the publication of papers.

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