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Taksha Yoga Therapy for Health and Healing of Body Mind and Spirit” (2009) is a 3-disc DVD set. The beneficial effects of Mudra_s occur when performed in conjunction with Praayaanaama_s, restrained breathing exercises, such as ‘Kapaalbhati” Praayaanaama, are demonstrated by Dr. Sarkar in this DVD.

Taksha Yoga Therapy for Health and Healing: A Daily Practice” (2015). This DVD contains an exciting presentation of Yoga Therapy suitable for those looking for a new approach to healthy living, as well as for those who have some knowledge of yoga poses and want more information on the philosophy, practice, and therapeutic aspects of yoga.

Health in Your Hands: Mudras for Health and Healing – Introduction (Mudras Slide Show): 2010
Dilip Sarkar and Adarsh Deepak


Video Interviews

  • Vernikos on Yogiviews (Video Interview): 2012
    Joan Vernikos

Dr. Joan Vernikos discusses the important benefits of Yoga Therapy for space travelers on Yogiviews with TV host Antonio Sausys (09/12).