Taksha Space Solar Power (TSSP) Institute for Earth and Moon


The goal of the Taksha Space Solar Power (TSSP) Institute is to focus on the technology and systems of space solar power (SSP) for application to missions in space and markets on Earth. SSP comprises a variety of specific technologies, including, but not limited to, end-to-end energy conversion (from power generation using incoming sunlight, through power management and distribution (PMAD) to wireless power transmission (WPT) involving electronics and transmitters in space and receivers either in space or on Earth), platform structural systems (including platform assembly and maintenance), supporting systems and technologies (such as onboard communications, computing, propulsion, etc.), and various supporting infrastructure elements (primarily Earth-to-orbit, or ETO, and in-space transportation). Affordable and abundant energy such as SSP is enabling for a wide range in ambitious missions in space, including space resources development, space settlement and others, as well as being potentially valuable for important global energy markets here on Earth.

The TSSP Institute for Earth and Moon will undertake the identification, development and communication of information concerning the status of SSP internationally, including participating in international fora (e.g., workshops and meetings organized by other groups), the publication of results as appropriate, and the organization of lectures and training courses on the topics of energy and SSP for space and Earth.

TSSP Institute Chair

John C. Mankins, MBA
President, Artemis Innovation Management Solutions LLC and Mankins Space Technology, Inc.

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