Institute for Cyber and Cognitive Sciences (ICCS)

Cognitive Science (CS) is a discipline encompassing a range of subjects from the Abstract Metaphysics of Spirituality and Consciousness, to the Design and Operation of Unattended Autonomous (Aerial) Vehicles (UAVs), and to the Recognition and Tracking of Targets etc., on the non-medical side; and to Neurological Disorders, on the medical side. Subjects such as Placebo Effect, Meditation, and Psychosomatic Activity leading to Neurological Activity at the Molecular Level also share the uniform thread of “Cognition” running through them.

In between, lie a wide variety of disciplines (e.g., Pattern Recognition) that play a dominant role in such diverse activities as Weather Forecasting and Hedge Fund Management. In Medical Science, antibodies and antigens have to “recognize” each other at a molecular level to be effective. Similarly, physiologically, the most vital and highly specific enzyme activity is a process of “Re-Cognition” at the most basic molecular level.

Technology in various disciplines has advanced far to provide implementation of solutions to different problems involving cognitive science. All of them involve, in various guises, the capability to “recognize” a pattern. Traditional “serial” computers have not been up to the task, and a successful “parallel” computer has yet to come on-line. Neural Nets may have given some insight into a model of ‘Human Paradigm’ of recognition that is still far from the desired result. On the other hand, Quantum Computers, based on nano-technology, are capable of Parallel Processing, and may offer another approach to CS. “Wet Computers,” based on enzymatic activity in biological systems and crucial to all lifeforms, are the most advanced in Nature and perhaps the most intractable in “hardware” terms. The ICCS aims to bring the multitude of such disciplines together and seeks to determine any underlying principles that unite them, and perhaps create a synergy to enhance them, in turn.

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Amar Choudry, PhD
TI Advisor, Distinguished Senior Scientist and Manager of STIEP.

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