Taksha Center for Planetary Defense (TCPD)


The Taksha Center for Planetary Defense (TCPD) is a division of the Taksha Institute for Science and Technology (TIST). The TCPD’s primary objective is to contribute to the development of global cooperation and to coordinate efforts with Planetary Defense/Near-Earth Objects institutions, organizations, agencies and associations, such as UNOOSA (United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs), UN-SPIDER (United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response), IAWN (International Asteroid Warning Network), and SMPAG (Space Mission Planning Advisory Group), to benefit the ongoing work within the area of Planetary Defense, and to foster national and international partnerships in this area.

This division supports the global efforts in relation to all Planetary Defense – Near-Earth Object (PD-NEO)-related topics, such as detection, tracking, deflection, and mitigation campaigns, as well as asteroid mining, policy, and other relevant topics. We wish to provide valuable and reliable insights to government officials and other stakeholders.

How we contribute:

We aim to provide an inclusive, multidisciplinary platform for space specialists, young professionals, educators, students, and the global space community interested in planetary defense and Near-Earth Objects (NEOs).

We further seek to raise awareness among the global space community about the current work done in planetary defense through the participation of our TCPD members and partners at space conferences, academic-research initiatives, and other educational (STEAM+D) events, as well as to provide resources to educators and inform the general public in our effort to make PD-NEO and space concepts accessible to all.

We also facilitate connections to planetary defense an space industry experts, as well as developing initiatives and create relevant content. The Center’s work also includes supporting the work of other PD-NEO organizations’ focus on outreach (e.g. Asteroid Day, The Planetary Society, etc.)

The TCPD promotes the use of digital platforms, including social media, as well as to being a reliable source of information for outreach efforts and point of contact for various forms of media channels concerned on this topic.

Get involved – Members and Partners:

We aim to include space actors that focus on all technical aspects (e.g. discovery, tracking, missions planning, etc.) and non-technical aspects (e.g. communication, education, societal aspects and outreach) for Planetary Defense – NEOs as well as to partner with organization dedicated to PD-NEO work.

The TCPD is all inclusive; we welcome space actors from various sectors of the industry, as we all work for a common goal: the exploration of space to create sustainable human colonies in outer space under the Outer Space Treaty.

We welcome space and planetary defense enthusiasts to join us, and we offer several volunteers opportunities to participants who wish to learn and contribute.

To learn more about how you and or your organization can become a participating member, please email:

Nancy C. Wolfson: lessonsbynancy@gmail.com


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