TCSVI Ongoing Projects: Countering Climate Change (CCC)


Sea-level rise and extreme weather events are ominous indicators of Climate Change. Counter-measures such as planting trees and reducing emissions, are moving too slowly to head off the feared “tipping points.” What else can we do?

Glitter Belt Concept

Taksha’s Center for Smart Village Initiative (TCSVI) Countering Climate Change project (CCC) is exploring options including the “Glitter Belt” approach to reduce insolation (the solar energy that enters the atmosphere). Along with system development, we are interested in studies to measure and predict the effects of any modification. A few research questions:

a) What is the minimum level of modification that would induce an unintended effect?
b) Is it possible that a sharp change of small amplitude triggers a dynamic response such as an oscillation?
c) Would a spatially concentrated application of reduced insolation, have unintended effects such as shifting trajectories of ocean and wind currents?

The Glitter Belt concept described at the links on this page below, envisions a way to reflect sunlight using high-altitude, ultralight reflector sheets, before the sunlight can be absorbed in the atmosphere. It is several times more effective than the same area of reflector placed at ground level. The reflectors are solar-powered UAVs that remain under autonomous control and continuous monitoring, able to drift with the summer sun, steer around storms, and be moved to where they can be most effective, while staying far above controlled airspace. The UAVs can be brought down safely for landing, and most can be refurbished and re-used.

TCSVI is also exploring the possibility of a “Nature Credit” to expand the scope of the “Carbon Credits” that are in use outside the United States. Reduction of insolation and other inputs than just Greenhouse Gases should be included. Using modern information technology, people must be empowered to receive microcredits for verified activities that help reduce Climate Change and “Rejuvenate” Mother Nature.

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