Taksha Sustainable Energy Center (TSEC)


At the Taksha Sustainable Energy Center (TSEC), we are at the intersection of the clean sustainable green energy evolution, involving 24/7 nuclear and intermittent Solar and Wind energy systems. Thorium could be the ultimate energy source that can be the basis of new advanced ultra clean, super safe, and highly economical subcritical reactors that can power the world for thousands of years. All of these fossil free energy sources can transform transportation systems by providing the ultimate energy carrier hydrogen in the near term.

TSEC Chairman

Ganapati Rao Myneni, PhD
Poquoson, VA

TSEC Council of Advisors (CoA)

Astrox Corporation, MD

TSEC Events and Publications

I. Ganapati Myneni, PhD

“7th International Workshop on Accelerator-Driven Sub-Critical Systems and Thorium Utilization,” organized by Co-Chairs Ganapati Myneni and Arvind Patel in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (planned for Oct. 17, 2022 in Yorktown). Write contact@taksha.org for more information.

“Yorktown Clean Energy Center in Partnership with an Indian PPP: SMR and Advanced Subcritical Micro-Reactors (ASMR),” by Ganapati Myneni (presented at 5th ADS & ThU International Workshop, Nov. 6, 2019). Available at: Myneni_ADS2019

“High Intensity, Low Energy Electron Accelerators for Sub-Critical Micro Nuclear Reactors,” by Kailash C Mittal and Ganapati Myneni (presented at Belgium ADS Meeting, Nov. 6, 2019). Available at: Mittal_Belgium_ADS_Meet_FINALNovember_6_2019

II. Ajay Kothari, PhD

“Why the molten salt reactor should be our next big step for terrestrial and off-planet needs,” in The Space Review (Monday, Aug. 1, 2022), by Ajay Kothari. Available at: https://www.thespacereview.com/article/4429/1.

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