TISA Workshop

Credit: Light Being Series, painted by Frank Pietronigro

ISAW5-Apollo50: Fifth International Space Arts Workshop (in Conjunction with Apollo50 Anniversary Celebrations)


As a follow-on to ISAW4, held in 2014 at Singularity University, NASA Research Park (NRP), planning is underway for ISAW5 in conjunction with Apollo50 Anniversary Celebrations!

Sponsored by:
Taksha Institute (TI)
Taksha Institute for Space Arts (TISA)
The SETI Institute (SETI)

In Conjunction with:
Apollo50 Anniversary Celebrations

Co-Sponsored by:
Science and Technology Corporation (STC)
Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS)
SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute

In Cooperation with:

Distinguished Honorary ISAW5 Chair:
Prof. Lowry Burgess – Carnegie Mellon University (CMU); TISA Advisor, Chair ISAW4

ISAW5 Executive Committee:
Adarsh Deepak, PhD – TI Chair, Assoc. Chair ISAW4 – Assoc. Chair ISAW5
Others to be added

ISAW5 Program (Tentative):

Adarsh Deepak, PhD, Assoc. Chair ISAW5 (on site)
Opening Remarks: ISAW5 – Objectives, Benefits, and Achievements

Prof. Lowry Burgess (via Zoom*)
Keynote Address

Frank Pietronigro, Assoc. Chair ISAW4 (on site)

Don Davis, TISA Council of Advisors (CoA) (on site)

Ron Miller, IAAA (Zoom)

Prof. Madhu Thangavelu, USC: Space Architecture (on site)

Forest Stearn, Google Quantum Project and Space Artist (on site)

Doug Stewart, DMS Films (Zoom)

Jancy McPhee, PhD, SciArt Exchange

Others to be added

Organizing Committee:
Ms. Catherine Houlahan, Taksha Institute (TI) Adminstrative Manager
21 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 150
Hampton, VA 23666 US
E: contact@taksha.org
T: +1-757-766-7990 (office)
W: www.taksha.org

Mr. Ravi Deepak, Taksha Institute (TI), Sunnyvale, CA. (Chair – on site)
VP of A. Deepak Publishing (ADP); Asst. Managing Editor, Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS) & Director, TI STEM Programs
E: ravi@taksha.org
T: +1-757-848-8255 (mobile)

*screen sharing and video on computer